Installing the Synchronization Board

The synchrinzation board, which we built in our lab for the Spectrum MI40xx ADC cards,  synchronizes the execution of the pulse program with the sampling clock of the ADC card. Thus, the first recorded sample in repeated experiments is always at a specific, fixed time point with respect to the start of the pulse program. This removes the sample clock jitter which would occur otherwise.

Installing the Synchronization Board:

Following is the procedure to install the synchronization board:

  • connect sync bit to the correct pins of the molex plug, i.e. bit 23
  • connect  HW_Trigger (out) to the HW_Trigger pin on the pulse blaster
  • do not forget to set the appropriate sync and trigger channels/flags/bits  for your  back end!

Here is a picture of the ADC card with an installed synchronization board:

Here is a picture of the PulseBlaster: